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Statistiken und Zusatzpakete

Statistiken und Zusatzpakete

Tomasz Cybulski
1 vor einem Monat

Abhängig von Ihrer Clublizenz haben Sie ein bestimmtes Standardpaket an SMS und E-Mails in Ihrem Abonnement. Selbstverständlich können Sie nach Ablauf des Basispakets jederzeit selbst ein zusätzliches SMS- oder E-Mail-Paket erwerben. Rufen Sie dazu das linke Menü im mass messaging statistics.


Here you can also check the current statistics of package consumption. To buy an additional package via SMS or email, click on the "buy package" button indicated in the picture. After clicking it, you will be taken to the message package purchase page. Remember that each purchased package is valid until the last day of the month! Unused package is not being transferred to the next month!


To purchase an additional package of messages, please move the sliders and select how many sms or emails you want to purchase. The price of the packages depends on the country in which your club operates. After choosing the packages, you should accept the regulations and clicking "order and pay”. You can pay via DotPay. Your package will be active immediately after the payment is booked.