Facilities and reservations

Types of reservation

Types of reservation

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

The system distinguishes two main types of reservations - standard, i.e. those which are classically added to the coach's or club's calendar as trainings, matches or other events. The second type is custom reservations, adding from the facilities and reservations module. The second type of reservation is not directly linked to any event. This type of reservation is more for planning the occupancy rate of the facility. Adding an event, training or match at a given facility at a given time automatically creates a facility reservation, which does not block the possibility of adding another event at the same place and time, however, if you try to add another event (training, match) at the same place and time, the system will inform you that another event is already taking place at the facility at that time.


The window that will appear on the screen when you add a training or a match gives you two options: ignoring and creating an event with conflict of terms and the second option: the possibility of checking the facility reservation schedule. This way you will be able to check who is reserving the facility on a given date and, if necessary, make changes to the schedule.

To completely block the possibility of adding two events in the same place at the same time, you have two options. The first one is to edit the selected event (training, match) in the reservation schedule, it blocks the possibility of adding another event. The second option is to add a custom reservation, during the creation you have the option to completely block the addition of parallel events on a given facility at a given time. You will learn more about adding a booking for a sub-facility in the next paragraph.