Fatigue analysis

Notification and entry of results

Notification and entry of results

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

According to what you have set up in the notification configuration, your competitors will receive a notification on their phones, asking them to complete the fatigue and well-being survey. The notification will appear as a push notification on their mobile apps.


After clicking on the notification or after clicking on the left menu diary fatigue analysis results table, the player will be moved to the survey view. Depending on the chosen type of survey, the appropriate number of questions will appear. Remember there are several conditions to be fulfilled, to make sure that the player receives a push notification and the possibility to complete the appropriate survey in case of a post-training and post-match survey.

Post-training analysis - requires the player to be on the list of participants of a given training session and a verified presence. Only when the attendance is checked, notifications will be sent to the players, who were present at the training session. Post-match analysis - requires the calling of players for the match.