Evaluations and observations

Initiating observation

Initiating observation

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

To start an evaluation select the tabs from the left menu club evaluations and observations Initiating observation. Make sure you have the role of coordinator, administrator, scout or employee with correct access level.


Then you need to specify the observation type, which is internal or external. Internal applies to players, coaches or employees added to the club, external applies to players or employees of different clubs. The next step is to define the type of the observed person, it can be a player, a coach or a member. The last option to pick is the place of observation, for example, match, training, observation, final evaluation or other. Decisions made in this step affect the options in the next phase of initiating the observation.


Then you can specify the observation parameters. The first step is to choose a sheet that will be used to carry out the observation. The list of templates includes the ones you and your colleagues created. Then define the person responsible for the observation, you are chosen by default but you can change it to someone else. The last step varies between the types of observation. If it is external, you can add new players/employees to observe from other clubs or select from the list if the person already has been observed.


In the case of internal observation, you will be only able to select players/employees of your club. After you specify all the parameters, press the „save and continue” button.