Employee management

Adding and editing an employee role

Adding and editing an employee role

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

To add a role to a user, click on the "add role" option in the right menu (last column) of the employee. Remember that a user can have several club roles at the same time, but always the role with the highest level of authority will be treated as active. This means that if you will have e.g. the roles of coordinator and accountant, then despite the fact that the role of an accountant is dedicated to financial modules because the coordinator also has access to these modules and is higher in the hierarchy of roles when trying to enter the contributions module, the coordinator role will be activated by default.

To delete or change an employee's role, click on the coloured tiles next to the employee's name. When you click, you will see two options to choose from: „dismiss" or "change". The dismiss means that the role is taken away from the user, and by clicking on change, you can edit the current role.