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Adding a sub facility

Adding a sub facility

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

To add a sub facility to the parent facility, go to the list of sub facilities and click the blue "add" button. You can add as many sub facilities as you like in a given facility. Remember that it is from among the sub-objects that you will choose the location when adding a training session or a match.


After clicking add, you will be taken to the add sub facility form, where you will have several important fields to fill in. The first element is to determine the parent facility and category of the sub facility. You can choose from the list: pitch, swimming pool, hall, locker-room or gym. In the next stages, complete the name and description of the sub facility, specify the maximum number of people, add a photo, and other parameters of the sub facility. If it has an individual address, you can also add it.