List of players

List of players

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

To get to the player list from the team's diary, select the following elements in the left menu diary players squad. After clicking on it you will be moved to the player list.


The squad page has several important functions in the system. Here you find the summary statistics of the players' participation in the matches. Moreover, you find a seasonal summary of the player's attendance. Here you also see the player's birth date and profile photo.

Here you also have the possibility to set the number on the player's jersey (first column), to assign the player to a training subgroup (second column), as well as to set his default position on the pitch. In the last column, you will find an icon that opens the function menu for the chosen player. Remember to save each change by clicking the "Save" button.

In the top right corner of the screen you will find two important elements. The first one - the "show hidden" checkbox is used to display all players hidden during the season. You can read about hiding and removing players in the next chapters of the guidebook.

The second element is the icon for exporting the table to an xls, csv, pdf file or its printout. You will find such an icon over almost all tables in the system. It is a quick and convenient solution to the problem of downloading important data to your computer.