Creation of contribution

Creation of contribution

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

The system gives the possibility to create two types of contributions: a one-off contribution and a monthly contribution. Before creating contributions, it is good practice to complete the process of setting up the player lists for each team and create an active season for all teams. Without the created season you will not be able to assign a contribution to a team. The creation of a contribution is possible both from the level of the coach and the manager of the club account. By creating a contribution as a coach, you can only assign it to the team you are leading. By doing this as administrator, you can create a contribution for all teams at once. To proceed to the contribution creation, as a coach, select from the left-hand menu diary contributions create new contribution. If you want to create a contribution from the administrator's level, choose from the left menu club contributions create new contribution.


When creating your contribution, pay special attention to several aspects. If your club has more than one contribution, e.g. in younger years the contribution is 20 EUR and in older years it is 40 EUR, it is advisable to create two contributions. In the contribution creation form, you have several important fields to complete. The first one is the name of the contribution, the next one is the amount, type and period of validity. At the bottom of the form, you will see two checkboxes. In the first one, you select non-contributory months, such as holiday months. If you collect your contribution throughout the year, skip this box. The last box is only visible on admin accounts. There, you select the teams that are to be covered by this contribution.