Editing a player profile

Editing a player profile

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

To edit a player's profile, click on the "edit" item in the function menu for that player. From here you will be able to, for example, add a picture of the player,


and you will also be able to change data such as name, surname or e-mail. From here you can give the player access to the system. Just check the grey checkbox and the system will generate a login and password for the player. The profile can also be edited by the player's parent.

Remember, editing of user data from your account is only possible until the player has activated his account. The moment he activates his account, you will lose the possibility to change the player's login and password. In this case, however, you will be able to call up the player's password reset function.

This function is useful when a player forgets his password and cannot find the password reset function himself. You will find a description of this function in the previous chapters of this guide.

To trigger the password reset function from the player's profile edit window, you must click on the blue button "reset password". The blue button will send an e-mail to the player's address with instructions and a link to the password reset window.